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My family has a saying when it comes to Uchiko… Uchiko over a steakhouse. The atmosphere, relatable cost, menu that includes incredible tapas variations, great service (especially with waitresses like April!), and an Austiny feel really bring you an unforgettable experience. As with most 512Now reviews, we set out to recommend dishes not critiqe, rate, belittle, or anything of the sort. After going to Uchiko more than 15 times on many special occasions including birthdays, family outings, special friend’s get-togethers, and many more!

What to drink?

If you know me, you know I love Nigori . Takara Nigori is nutty in taste and infused with coconut and cream soda. It also has a great price point of $4 per glass (they serve it in a wooden box that you can then drink out of). If you are feeling adventurous, go with the Rihaku or Kamalzumi. Uchiko’s extravagant beer menu tauts a combination of local and authentic Asian rice beers. Their Asian Selection includes Asahi, Sapporo, and Kirin Ichiban. The have local favorites ranging from Jester King, Live Oak Hefeweizen, and Blue Owl.

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To Start!

To start with, you always want to go light, leaving room for the main course. I almost always start with the Grilled Edamame or Brussels Sprout seared in fish caramel with lemon, and chili. From there, you can pivot to the Uchi Salad or Shishito Tempura, if you like shishito peppers.

What’s Next?

We love the shareable options at Uchiko. Sticking with what some would classify as the “Starter” genre, I would recommend the Karaage. This dish is fried marinated chicken and comes with cucumbers and pickled veggies. My only personal drawback here is that they changed their plating from a long wooden plank to wooden box. Couple that with something cooler and fresh by diving into the fresh fish category with Hama Chili. This dish is Japanese Yellowtail, ponzu, thai chili, and orange supremes. However, be careful towards the right side of the dishas they typically like to add more of that chili element here, making it spicy. We also love the Tempura Onion Rings.

Do you “main course?”

For the main course, we dabble in a combination of fish and meat. The Hot Rock is one of Uchiko’s most noteworthy dishes with wagyu beef cooked by the patron on a Japanese River Rock,served with ponzu for dipping. The waiters recommend seven seconds on each side, but because it is Nigiri-Style and can even be eaten raw, I would say less. Funny Story: My brother stated the meaning behind Wagyu Beef – that the cows are basically attending a spa complete with massages before being slaughtered. Needless to say, we didn’t believe him, but April did confirm!

They have a variety of rolls in their Makimono Selection I highly recommend. We love yellowtail and the P-38 really hits the spot. It is comprised of yellowtail, avocado, yuzu kosho, grilled negi and cilantro. We also love the Crunchy Tuna (big eye tuna, avocado, jalapeno, english cucumber and aioli.

I end this course with something from their sushi collection, usually Madai (Japanese Sea Bream), hamachi (Yellowtail), and Sake Toro . The Sushi is so fresh they recommend putting it directly on your tongue fish side down for the best taste. They also have a 72-hour aged Wagyu Short Rib that is a “must-get” called the Gyutoro (this used to only be on their specialty menu).

For Desert!

As we always go for special occasions, we are blessed to receive a free dessert from such an incredible staff. This is usually their highly-acclaimed “milk ‘n cereal” which is fried milk, toasted milk ice cream, and chocolate mousse. They also add in actual bits of “Cap’n Crunch” for a crunchy contrast.

Don’t forget!

On your way out, don’t forget to stop by the Host Kiosk and grab some of those amazing Ovation Chocolate Mints made by Hershey’s . They are so bomb, and, don’t tell them I told you, but they will let you have as many as you want….literally!

Uchiko Happy Hour?

Uchiko Happy Hour runs everyday…EVERYDAY…from 5-6:30pm CST. Nirigi prices drop down from around $3.50 per piece to less than $2. There also new items that you won’t see on the everyday menu, like Miso Tofu, Short Rib Kimuchi, Onigiri, and Uchiko Fries.