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Sushi Happy Hours are increasing in popularity in Austin, Texas. As the trend gains traction, the hot spots often come with a long wait, and when it comes to sushi, you never want to sacrifice quality to avoid a wait. The good news is, some of Austin’s best Sushi Bars offer killer happy hour specials and we’ve got the skinny on some of the lesser known spots where you can avoid the crowds, score quality AND quantity, and go easy on your wallet.

Hanabi (Arboretum)

Hanabi is one of the few sushi bars that offers a Happy Hour every day. They host their happy hour menu from 4:30-6:30 everyday including Ngiri as low as $2, Specialty rolls $4-7 off, and Nigori/Sake at incredible prices.

For appetizers my recommendations are Karaage (if you plan on eating less sushi), Garlic Edamame, Miso Soup, and/or Chili Escolar. I like a nice starter of Ngiri including Sake Toro, Hamachili, Masago + Quail Egg and Escolar. As for rolls, you can’t go wrong with Hamachili Tempura (fried), Spider Roll (fried), or the Lucky Roll.


Kome’s Happy Hour runs Monday-Thursday from 5-6pm. Their Happy Hour Menu offers everything from Gyoza for $4 to Seaweed Salad for $3 and Tori-Teba at $4.50. They also offer both cold and hot sake at up to $3 off and Sushi rolls beginning at $4.

I recommend starting with the Komè Fries and Tori-Teba for appetizers. When it comes to rolls, you can’t go wrong with theCrunchy Dynamite or Austin Rolls. Don’t forget to top it off with a nice Japanese Rice Beer, Kirin (or Kirin Light).


Maiko is one of the top spots on my list for Happy Hour Sushi menus period and they just happen to be one of the lesser known in the 512. They host their happy hour menu Tuesday-Friday and Sunday from 4pm-7pm.

Start with the stuffed jalapeños if you like it spicy or try the shrimp tempura and Kani Avocado Salad if you don’t. Oyster Shooters are also available on their secret menu. As far as rolls are concerned, I can vouch for the Green Dragon and Shaggy Dog.


Ichiban has, by far, the longest and most recurring Sushi Happy Hours out of any restaurant on this list. Their Happy Hour runs all 7 days of the week, Monday-Saturday from 2:30-6:30pm and all day Sunday(12pm – 9:30pm!!!!). Their Nigori,my favorite type of sake, starts at an all-Austin low of $7.95.

With Gyoza starting at $4, Takoyaki at $6, and Miso Soup under $2, their appetizer game is on point. Nigiri ranges from $2 and they offer a “special California A” that is basically a California Roll on steroids – thinkregular Cali Roll with snow crab and massago crab stick). End your Happy Hour with an Oh Crab Roll, Tempura Udon, or Chicken Katsu.

Bonus: Best Austin Bento Boxes

My vote for best Bento Box in Austin (based on both price and quality) is Midori. For just $10.95, you get a Bento Box that
includes Miso Soup, 4 pieces of California Roll, 2 pieces Sushi (Chef’s Choice), and 4 pieces of Phoenix Roll. This is on top
of your main dish (Shrimp Tempura, Chicken Teriyaki, or Spicy Pork Bulgogi). Honorable mentions go to Odaku, Lucky
Robot, Osaka, Tomodachi, and Hanabi Bentos.

– Pictured Chicken Katsu Bento, Midori