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So, it’s your first date. You don’t want to come off as too forceful or forward, but you also don’t want to come off as too informal or casual. Where can you find the perfect balance of sensual but apathetic, emotional vs reserved? Good news?!?!?!? I have some great recommendations for you that the 512 has to offer.

1. Domain
Everyone loves coffee, or at the very least, the idea of sitting somewhere and catching up and conversing in a low pressure environment. Begin the date by meeting at The Domain Northside: Starbucks Coffee Company where they have the only Starbuck’s Reserve in Austin and offer perfect to-go cups for window shopping or sitting at their one of the venue’s great outdoor patios.

The Domain features a vibrant walking area complete with people-watching, landscaping, outdoor scenery, and even ongoing static trapeze type classes. My suggestion is to walk around, check out the views, explore the atmosphere and as you chat and get to know each other.

The next stage of the adventure at the Domain depends on how the date is going. It’s Sugar is great for a wide selection of vintage of sweets and keeps the mood going with some great tunes playing as you walk around the store creating a kitschy yet fun ambience. Nordstrom’s has a bar upstairs if you want to drink and shop around in a more upscale envinroment, or the Apple Store is a great choice if your date is a techie and offers a unique layout as it was one ofthe initial stores for Apple’s Retail Re-branding Strategy.

To end the date, why not get beat at cornhole while indulging at a place with one of the best mixologists in the city, Culinary Dropout. You can also design your own charcuterie board or snack on their incredible appetizer, he Soft Pretzels & Provolone Fondue. St. Genevieve is a solid choice for their Chingon! or Wagyu Beef Sliders if you’re looking for something more intimate.

– Cornhole at Culinary

– Nachos & Pretzels/Prov

2. Moviehouse & Eatery Austin/Pinballz Lake Creek Combo 

Part 1 – Who doesn’t like a movie theater where you can recline completely in a three-story iMax style theater? Add t a button you press for some of the most delicious food any movie theater has to offer with state-of-the-art food trays and incredible service, and you’ve got a great date night experience. To get the best seats, book as soon as you’ve got your date scheduled.. The Moviehouse & Eatery opens up showtimes and seating up to five days in advance of screenings.

Part 2 – With a combination of new and old school games like The Original Tron, Galaga, Street Fighter, Time Crisis, Mario Kart Arcade, and many more, Pinballz Lake Creek is just minutes from Moviehouse & Eatery. This modern arcade touts a massive 100-foot bar and has over 33,000 square feet of entertainment. They even have a laser tag area, miniature bowling, rentable party spaces, and a 3D Ride as well as pretty much any Pinball Game you could ever dream of.

3. The East Side
With Date Numero Tres, I recommend a nice meal followed closely by some things you will only find in the ATX like an Agave/Mezcal Tasting Bar, some good ole-fashioned two-steppin’, and, as only natural in the 512, live music.

Launderette or Justine’s are incredible places to start. Launderette has Brussel Sprouts that are second to none(Only possible better is Uchiko in my opinion). Justine’s incredible atmosphere includes a Speakeasy-esque vacant room and Green LED-Lit looking temple in its backyard. Both have incredible food, but Launderette is closer to the action of Rainey and Downtown.

(9th image) (10th image)

– Launderette

– Justine’s Brasserie

After dinner, it’s time to work off some of those calories with a little dancing. If you can two-step or want to watch some amazing swing dancers, White Horse is the place to go. The people-watching is on point and you’re always guaranteed some great local music from a country band while you sip on well-priced drinks. They also have a fun outsdoor patio and a pool table if you want to shoot some 8-Ball.

If you still have some energy left, head over to Hotel Vegas and Volstead. Hotel Vegas features live music almost every night of the week and books everything from up and coming local acts to some great touring bands. Hotel Vegas and Volstead are connected in the back by a huge patio with great outdoor seating and food trucks for a late night snack. Volstead typically has more of a DJ scene than live acts and can get super crowded and sweaty late on the weekends, but it’s so much fun!

End the night right with some tequila. Whislers has a traditional Oaxacan mezcal bar that offers “an intimate experience unlike any other in Austin, TX.” The mezcal bar is only open Fridays and Saturdays from 7pm to 2am to build the hype. They also have live music and bands that play outside.


Additional & Fun Options:

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