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*Press Release taken from The Open DGC Website

If you’re familiar with the names Paul McBeth, Kristin Tattar, Ricky Wysocki, Paige Pierce, James Conrad, and Catrina Allen, then you must be a fan of the sport of disc golf. Disc golf has seen tremendous growth over the last five years and the world’s best are now part of a professional tour. The Disc Golf Pro Tour (DGPT) will host a three-round tournament with a minimum $75,000 purse in Austin at the beautiful Harvey Penick Golf Campus from March 17-19, 2023.

From Disc Golf Pro Tour Flickr

The event is The Open at Austin presented by Lone Star Disc and will feature 172 of the worlds best players: 116 in the open division (MPO) and 56 in the women’s division (FPO). A limited number of spectator tickets are still available for a gallery that is expected to top out at around 1200 disc golf fans for Sunday afternoon’s final round.

The touring players, coming from over 30 different US states and six European countries, include current Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA) World Champions, Kristin Tattar of Estonia, and 6x world champ, Paul McBeth. Defending titles from 2022 will be South Dakotan, Catrina Allen, 5x winner of The Open, and Chris Dickerson of Tennessee who is currently ranked #6 in the world. In the mix will be Texas’ top female player and multiple time world champ, Paige Pierce. The men’s 2022 world #1 ranked player, Rickly Wysocki (2x winner of The Open), will be competing, as well as world #17, James Conrad who owns the most famous throw ever in the history of the sport as featured on ESPN in 2021. See the “shot heard ‘round the disc golf world” here.

                                 – From Disc Golf Pro Tour Flickr

The competition will be live streamed to tens of thousands of viewers each day and will garner millions of additional views from post production videos found on YouTube and Disc Golf Network (DGN).

The players will be arriving starting Monday, March 13 and can be available for interviews and news segments by arrangement. Email here to schedule a media/player visit at the course during practice days (3/13-3/16). News crews are also welcome during the competition (3/17-3/19) with media credentials provided by the DGPT. You can find those credentials here.

“Anytime we can bring the best to Austin, whether it’s Formula 1, cross country, lacrosse, or any sport, it’s a great thing” noted the event’s founder and Austin resident, Neal Dambra. “We’re very excited to see this field of world class disc golfers descend on Harvey Penick and go throw-to-throw on a demanding course designed and installed specifically for this event.”

                                    – From Disc Golf Pro Tour Flickr

Since 2015, The Open Disc Golf Championship (TODGC) has been held in four different Texas cities with the same mission: to grow the sport of disc golf by creating a Texas size stage for the game’s greatest players. Besides bringing this Elite tournament to Austin, TODGC will begin benefiting a local organization The Other Ones Foundation (TOOF) in support of their mission of offering humanitarian aid, case management, and extremely low-barrier work opportunities to people experiencing homelessness.

Event director, Jim Hudson added, “We are looking forward to growing this partnership with TOOF as we continue to grow the event itself.”

For more information email Lone Star Disc team leader and logistics coordinator, Vinnie Miller, at 512-927-6039